Summer 2017 Updates

Camp WA WA Segowea (Camp “WA WA” as it is known to many) is returning for another summer at Smith Park!  This summer will be historic for Camp WA WA.  Alumna Lily Mercogliano Easton (see bio below) will direct a summer program for youth ages 8 to 17 and will be joined by a phenomenal staff and team of experienced alumni volunteers.  This is the first summer of “WA WA” running as an independent camp, instead of being led by a YMCA program, and everyone at Smith Park is thrilled to support this alumni-led evolution of our decades old camping program!

Summer 2017 at Camp WA WA Segowea
Session 1: July 16-July 29
Session 2: July 30- August 12
*One week registration will be available for both sessions

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We are providing basic details on this summers program and will be sending more comprehensive program details and registration opportunities very soon! 

New Beginning

Dec 5, 2016
To our Segowea family members:

The Northwest Connecticut YMCA has decided not to renew our contract with us, Smith Park.
Smith Park and the Northwest Connecticut YMCA had been in a three year contract, which resulted in children enjoying a camping program for the summers of 2013 through 2015. The NWCTY informed us of their desire to continue this relationship, and thus an amended contract was proposed and agreed upon earlier in 2016. Unfortunately the Y released this statement earlier this month- “After four years of conducting camp at beautiful Wa Wa Segowea, we are formally withdrawing our interest in continuing to operate this camp beyond this season. We have loved operating YMCA Camp Wa Wa Segowea with all our new friends and new experiences it has brought us. We thank the board of Smith Park of New York for their support and energy during the past four years. You really have been a wonderful partner- Camp Wa Wa Segowea – is a magical place. We’re sorry we weren’t able to be a better partner and make it work.”

The mission of Smith Park of New York is to ensure the continued existence of Camp Wa Wa Segowea. The board is fully behind this statement and are dedicated to ensure camp runs in 2017. There are challenges ahead, but we are committed to continuing the legacy of Wa Wa Segowea in a way that makes sense. We are here for the kids. As we progress through this, we will keep you informed. If you have questions or comments, please send them to
Thanks always for your interest in WA WA!

Chairman Tom Harvey &
Smith Park Board of Directors:
Mike Bruns
Wyeth Drummond
John Dunn
Lou Falk
John Fisher
Beth Hodos
Mark McCandlish
Amy McPheeters
Georgia LoPresti-Meckes
Sarah Perks
John Witter

If you find yourself in the area of camp on October 15th-16th, I would encourage you to come up to camp for our work/play weekend! Fall foliage should be in peak season and we’d love to see you out at camp! We’ll be putting up shutters, bringing in docks and things and doing the general closing of camp. Please let us know if you can attend. Lunch and dinner will be served on Saturday and Breakfast on Sunday the 16th.
See you at camp!