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We are recruiting ordinary people to join our team of extraordinarily hard working, creative, and playful staff for our 2018 “Make it Ourselves Camp!”

Please click here and submit your staff application by February 19th, 2018 for full consideration!  

Summer 2018 Positions Open:  Program Director & Cabin Counselors.  Please see below for more information!  

2018 Staff Program Dates:  Sunday July 8 – Sunday August 11 

Program Director:  The magician behind the magic of Camp WA WA!  Our Program Director schedules and leads activities that allow for all of our campers to flourish in our rustic setting!

Requirements:  At least 21 years of age, experience in summer camp settings preferred, CPR/First Aide Certified preferred.

Starting Summer Salary:  $3,250

The ideal Program Director candidate will…

  • be enthusiastic, flexible, creative, youth centered, and eager to “wear many hats.”
  • have current experience with play and experienced based outdoor education for diverse youth.
  • have experience mentoring young adult professionals in meeting the needs of diverse youth and growing as youth professionals.

Responsibilities of Program Director include:  Planning, scheduling, and executing an outstanding program for a resident camp of 70 campers, leading all-camp activities daily, training and mentoring cabin counselors, assisting with conflict resolution and problem solving needs of campers and counselors, working with the leadership team (Camp Director, Waterfront Director, Day Camp Coordinator, Teen Camp Coordinator, Head Cook) to ensure a quality experience for all campers and staff.

Waterfront Director: The anchor of Camp WA WA!  Our Waterfront Director creates a fantastically fun, active, and safe lakefront program that improves the swimming and boating capabilities of all of our campers!

Starting Summer Salary:  $2,000

Requirements: WSI (Waterfront Safety Instructor) Certified by the American Red Cross, at least 21 Years of Age, minimum 2 years experience as summer waterfront staff.

The ideal Waterfront Director will…

  • Have experience supervising and training waterfront staff and working with diverse youth.
  • Be enthusiastic, hardworking, and a strong team player who is eager to support the wider camp staff team when needed.
  • Maintain a balanced playful and safe waterfront culture.
  • Enjoy lake based summer activities including swimming and boating on a black bottom pond in all weather and temperatures (safety permitting).

Cabin Counselor:  The true glue of Camp WA WA!  Our Cabin Counselors are summer super heroes who lead cabin groups and assist with daily program facilitation to ensure that this summer is a treasured experience for all campers!

Starting Summer Salary:  $1,000 – $1,250 (pay range depends on Junior Counselor or Head Counselor position)

The ideal Camp Counselor Candidate will…

  • Be at least an 11th Grade Graduate (Junior Counselors) or 18 years old (Head Counselors).
  • Be a team player, strong listener, hard working, playful, and eager to mentor diverse young people ages 6 to 17.
  • Have experience working with youth and growing in a leadership capacity.

Please click here and submit your staff application by February 19th, 2018 for full consideration!  

Meet Our Camp Director Lily Mercogliano

Lily grew up in Albany NY and began attending Camp Wa Wa when she was almost eight years old.  She spent the next thirteen summers at WA WA, completing the teen Senior Village program, LIT/CIT program, and eventually becoming a counselor and program director. For the past eleven years, Lily’s career as a high school teacher took her to Brooklyn, NY where she taught, and later became Executive Director, at Brooklyn Free School, a unique and world renown democratic school that serves youth in grades pre-K through 12th grade.


Lily currently resides again in Albany with her two children and husband.  She credits WA WA with fostering her passion for education and community development.

Camp WA WA Segowea is the summer camp program of Smith Park of New York, Inc.  Smith Park is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, nation of origin, age, or sex (including gender expression, sexual orientation and pregnancy).