Athleisure Camp

Adult Athleisure Camp

Update: Athleisure Camp is cancelled for 2020. We hope to offer it again in 2021! 

Camp WA WA Segowea will be hosting an adult athleisure camp from the evening of Sunday August 9th through the morning of Friday the 14th. The programming is primarily for adults but morning childcare (for ages 2+) and several family-friendly activities will be offered. Athleisure camp has opportunities for daily running, yoga, swimming, hiking, boating, and art. All meals, lodging, activities, and athleisure swag are included in the price.


Group runs take place in the morning on the quiet, shaded paved and dirt roads surrounding camp. Enjoy views of the Berkshire Mountains, farms, and streams. The temperature at camp is usually about 5 degrees cooler than nearby towns—perfect conditions for summer running and hiking. Free swim with trained lifeguards happens in late morning. All-ages and adults-only yoga sessions will be offered at various times throughout the week. Rotating art classes will potentially include watercolor painting and glass painting. On the last full day, everyone is invited to hike, run, or drive to nearby Umpachene Falls for a celebratory “waterfall picnic.” All activities are optional.

Running Coach

We are excited to welcome USA Track and Field certified coach Matthew Roberts to athleisure camp. Matt will offer complementary (and optional) distance running coaching services and help organize runs/workouts. Matt has served as President of Roadkill Racing in the past and is most proud of his 2:39 marathon. Matt will also offer 12-week training plans for an additional $50Find out more about him at

Yoga Instructor

Check back to see who our camp yoga instructor will be!



Camp Segowea is located on a beautiful spring-fed lake. We have two swimming areas: one with a maximum depth of 4 feet and one deep area for advanced swimmers, which features a rolling log. Lifeguards will be on duty for free swim in the late morning. Additionally, Camp Segowea boasts a fleet of rowboats, canoes, paddle boards, and funyaks that can be taken out for fishing and fun at open boating times.

Swim Coach 

If there’s enough participant interest, we’ll bring an open-water/triathlon swim coach to offer at least one lesson (at no additional charge). Be sure to check the “swim coaching” box on the registration form if interested.


Athleisure camp offers morning childcare from approximately 8:00-11:00am, supervised by experienced WA WA Segowea camp counselors. Kids will enjoy traditional camp activities such as nature hikes, arts and crafts, games, and sports. Counselors will promote good behavior through modeling and positive support. They will address any behavioral issues with kids and parents together. The childcare services being offered by the program are not licensed by the Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care or any other state agency.

Tentative Schedule

6:30-7:45 Continental breakfast
8:00 Begin morning run
8:00-11:00 Childcare
10:30 Second breakfast
11:00-12:00 Open swim
1:00 Lunch
1:30-2:00 Quiet time
2:00-5:30 Afternoon hiking, art, yoga, and other optional activities
6:00 Dinner
6:30-8:30 Open boating, evening activity, and free time
9:00 Quiet time, cards and games in the dining hall


Camp Segowea features 11 historic chestnut cabins on “cabin row.” Each cabin has 3 sets of bunk beds, 2 single beds, electricity, and a gorgeous lake or lodge view. Please request anyone you want to share a cabin with on the registration form. There are no bathrooms in cabins; instead, we have a centralized bathhouse (called “The Beacon”), with toilets, sinks, and showers. Runners may opt to take “soap dips” in the lake with biodegradable soap during open swim before lunch. If individuals or families have unique accommodation needs, please contact Lisa Perks ( to discuss additional housing options.

Setting and Communication

Camp Segowea is located at the end of a dirt road on a private lake surrounded by nearly 500 acres of Berkshire forest. A chestnut lodge with attached dining hall serves as the centerpiece of our camp community. Camp’s rustic, peaceful quality is enhanced by our lack of wifi and cell service. Camp Segowea has one phone landline. Twenty-four hour wifi access can be found just a few miles away from camp at the Mill River Public Library.


Josh Perks (Camp Segowea cook in the early 2000s) is coming out of retirement to run the athleisure camp kitchen. Josh knows how important it is to fuel properly when you’re exercising. With that in mind, we’ll be offering 4 meals a day: continental breakfast, second breakfast, lunch, and dinner. We do not have separate utensils or facilities to prevent cross-contamination, but we can otherwise accommodate various dietary restrictions or allergies. Please make sure to indicate any dietary restrictions or unique needs on the registration form. Participants are also welcome to bring some of their own food and store it in our fridge or critter-proof pantry.

Registration and Tuition

Tuition includes housing, all meals, all activities, and childcare.

Adults: $700 ($650 early bird registration by 3/15)
Youth (ages 2-18): $300 ($250 early bird registration by 3/15)

Discounts are also available for running clubs/teams. (Discounts cannot be combined.)

Registration Instructions: 

Registration is through CampDoc. After you set up an account, click the green button “register for a new session” under the Registration tab. 

When it asks to select the program you’re registering for, select “Camp” and “continue” at the bottom right. Athleisure should show up on the next screen. 

Click here to register! 

Refund Policy

  • Non-refundable $200 deposit for any single, partner, or group registration (partners or family members can register together in one account)
  • 50% refund on tuition paid by May 1, 2020
  • No refunds after that date